LTISD School Board Meeting: 5.17.16

LTISD School Board Meeting


Duke Talent Identification State Qualifiers

2016 Top 10 Academic Scholars

Acknowledgment of Coach Mike Rogers’ 600th baseball win

District community service awards;
All-Star Burger

LT High Five awards

2016 Teachers of the Year

Jason Buddin recognized for his 9 years of service on the School Board. Standing ovation.

Election results canvass
John Aoueille
Alex Alexander
Kim Flasch

Oath of Office of the Trustees

Advertising update:
Video board at high school paid off this year and $115,000.00 of incoming ad fees.

2017 Bond issues:
For Board discussion-
In 2017, because of bond refinancing since 2012, the District can take out up to a 220 million dollar bond w/out raising taxes;
We have the option to seek a community vote for 2 million dollar tax swap that will not raise taxes. 2 cents are not subject to recapture; Our current robin hood is 38%; next year it goes up to 45% and we lose 4 million in current state funding in 2017. The tax swap would make up approximately $2,000,000.00 of that loss.
Two elementary schools and a middle school are needed now.
It is not time to talk about a new high school or equivalent yet; probably 2021-2022.

Financial Reports:
4.7 million outstanding in tax collections. Compared to last year at the exact same for this time frame and finished last year at 98%
About 10.6 million left from the 2012 bond; The wastewater treatment plant (796k) at the middle school will be finished and there is a technology project (1.2 million).
As a matter of information, we lose 11.9 million having our 20% homestead election annually. That would be subject to recapture.

Senate Bill 507- special education law. Generically referred to as the “cameras in special education classrooms.” This is an unfunded legislative mandate leaving the question of how we will pay for this technology. Requests for this technology have already been made, but there isn’t any specific timing set out in the bill as to the timing of implementation.

Facilities Condition Assessment for Technology- As we work toward a 2017 bond program, we will need to identify the Districts current state of technology, capital replacement costs, alignment with best practices, program deficiencies, etc.

2016-17 Salary and Benefits adjustments:
Looking to recommend a 1.5% increase in salary without increase in benefits.
This adds 750k to the District’s bottom line. This will be voted on in June.

RFP for fuel- approved with RKA Petroleum
RFP for PA/AV- Data Projections, Inc was approved to complete the turnkey replacement of campus-wide overhead paging systems, classroom audio visual equipment and infrastructure cabling.

Why Am I Qualified for the LTISD School Board?? Answer here:

  1. Please list your previous involvement and service to Lake Travis ISD:     Co-Coordinator of all 5 state championship parades. Member of the 2011 school bond committee; I resolved multiple legal issues between parents/students and the school district utilizing a community approach in efforts to avoid litigation.  Member of the 2014-2015 LT CLASS Project. Volunteer at Lakeway Elementary annual carnival, volunteer chaperone for various Lakeway Elementary trips, volunteer at Lakeway Elementary track and field day (2006-2013), speaker at Bee Cave Elementary career day (2005).    Coordinator and volunteer teaching mock trial to the Lake Travis High School Honors Debate class (2008-2011).   I hire Lake Travis High School interns at my law firm each summer since 2009 in efforts to teach the practice of law.   Coordinated fundraising project for Coach Ron Saucedo’s children after he passed away. 
  1. Please list any other community involvement: Bee Cave City Council 2009-2013; Attorney for the LTYA in the “lightning strike” matter (2014-2015); Founding member of the Lake Travis Indian Princesses- a group focused on building and strengthening father/daughter relationships under principals developed through the YMCA in 1940.  I was the group leader for the first two years (2007, 2008) and the group continues today.  Indian Princesses is a national organization that focuses on developing the father-daughter relationships during the formative of years of the daughter, 6-10 years of age.  Founding President of the Lake Travis Pop Warner Association (2012-2014); LTYA volunteer coach for multiple soccer, baseball, basketball and football seasons; President of the Spillman Ranch Homeowners’ Association Steering Committee (2005-2009); Member of the 2008 LCRA wastewater impact fee advisory committee.
  1. Why do you want to serve on the Lake Travis ISD Board of Trustees? I believe there are difficult times ahead for the Board in regards to community growth (which I managed regularly as a member of the Bee Cave City Council), regular change in community leadership and the approaching school bond.


School Board Meeting 3/22/16

I attended the School Board meeting last night and felt like I was brought up to speed on several key issues you will all deem important:
1) The District has $4,000,000.00 in requests for additional staff and only $2,3000,000.00 to fund. There will be another budget shortfall. 85% of our budget is payroll.
2) We are struggling to keep up with the growth of the number of students in the district. We anticipate 14,500 additional students in the District over the next 15 years.
3) There is approximately 12.5 million left from the 2012 bond fund, which will be consumed over the course of this next year. There will be a bond committee forming for a November, 2017 election. (Tanya and I were both on the 2012 committee and it was great to participate in determining how the District grows). In the meantime, drawings are underway for a new elementary school and middle school so that a year can be shaved off the construction process.
4) Next year’s school start and end times are:
7:40-2:50 Elementary
8:45-3:55 middle
8:40-3:50 HS
5) There was an excellent presentation on Schoology. Many of you and your kids already use the application. However, I personally did not understand the full capacity of the app. My summary of Bill McClendon’s presentation:
Schoology is a digital backpack for a digital world. It is a learning management program to gather available resources and put them in to one backpack for the kids. This helps get everyone get organized and on the same page. It is about communication. With Schoology a teacher knows what the student is working on in the backpack and the student and teacher can communicate back and forth. Teachers, students, parents, principals can all interact. A parent can click on the calendar and see all of their child’s classes. It is a great resource for teachers also. They can communicate with all the teachers in the same grade, not to mention the 25k other teachers who use the app.

Community Impact article addresses continued growth in LTISD

This article appeared in the Community Impact February 10, 2016 edition.   It speaks broadly to many of the issues the school board will face.    Much like my time on the Bee Cave City Council, this Board’s job is to manage the community growth constructively.  Dr. Lancaster and the current Board have done a great job thus far.  My experience will assist in maintaining this success going forward.

Community Impact

Lake Travis ISD enrollment has increased 57 percent in the past 10 years, Superintendent Brad Lancaster said.

“We’re growing every single year,” he said. “The state considers you to be fast-growth if you grow 2 percent in each of the last two years. We grow 5 to 7 percent a year—extremely fast growth compared to the state of Texas.”

Lancaster said about 80 fast-growth school districts exist in the state. These school districts account for about 80 percent of the growth in the Texas districts, he said.

LTISD has about 9,000 students and is expected to grow to 14,500 students in 10 years, Lancaster said.

“We expect our trends to continue,” he said. “With these growth estimates, we’re going to need more schools.”

Lancaster said a November 2017 bond election for the school district is a possibility and may include funding for two additional elementary schools as well as a third middle school.

LTISD School Board Ballot Positions Drawn Today 2-29-16

The Ballots were officially drawn today.   It will look like this on May 7.
• Title of Election:


MAY 7, 2016 (7 de mayo de 2016)

• Title of Contest:

• Directions for voting:
Vote for one candidate in each race
(Vote por un solo candidato encada puesto)
• Names of Candidates:

Place 3

? Alex Alexander

Place 4

? John Aoueillé

? Ariel E. Axelrod

Place 5

? Kim Flasch

Place 7

? Juan R. Gutierrez

? Bob Dorsett, Jr.

LTISD School Board Place 7- Name in Hat

I will officially throw my name in the hat for the Lake Travis Independent School District Board of Trustees, Place 7, tomorrow at 8 a.m.

The seat is currently held by John Aoueille who will be running for Place 4 this election.

Overall, I am very happy with the current Board’s direction, but wish to be involved in numerous crucial decisions involving growth and bonds over the next several years to come.

Much more to follow-