Bee Cave City Council, July 10, 2012

This is a late post due to vacation this summer-

Bee Cave City Council- July 10, 2012

1)   Item 11 was called first to amend and replace the previous ordinance which creates ordinance 116, a City Public Rights-of-way management ordinance.  It allows us to request future developers to run lines underground.  This allows the City to determine if it will participate in costs.    

2)   Fugro Consultants was awarded amount of $10, 426.50 to conduct testing as the City Hall is rennovated.  

3)  Tom Green, Mechanical Engineer, was awarded amount of $8,900.00 to complete the HVAC repairs and supervision.   The only remaining item for completion of the repairs is “testing and balancing.”

4)  Item 8 on the agenda is discussion about controlling humidity levels in to City Hall during re-construction, to include renting of supplementary air conditioning units.   The decision was to wait and see how the re-construction impacts the humidity and then consider running a power post rather use of generators.  However, authority was granted to staff as necessary.

5)  Item 9 was a discussion on the purchase of IT equipment including Barracuda Phone Server and C-Cure Door System.   Amy Kelley presented the Technology Road Map regarding the city needs including battery replacement, security cameras and wireless infrastructure for City Hall and the Police Department.    The road map requires various upgrades and improvements over the next couple of years.  Amy will use the road map each time she approaches Council for necessary funds.   

6)  Item 10 was a request by Ms. Kelley to convert the part-time systems analyst to a full-time position.     The Council approved the increase.  

7)  Item 12 was action involved with a settlement with Ramming Paving on the 2011 road maintenance program.   

8)  Item 13 is an ordinance approving comprehensive sign packages for the Galleria and the Shops at the Galleria.   The Shops at the Galleria did not have any change requests while Adrian Overstreet with the Galleria had a few change requests.     The Council approved various requests of Mr. Overstreet including an off-premise sign, potentially in the right-of-way, if approved, that will include a “City of Bee Cave” monument sign.  

Charles Kulenburg is a 25 year resident from Bee Cave West.  Recently, cars are parking in the right of way.   Now that the Hindu temple is built, despite the Court rulings, he requests the Council to consider the safety in their neighborhood.   He is requesting the placement of “no parking in the right-of-way” signs.  

Maudie Wilson has resided in West Bee Cave for 21 years.    She is concerned of fire dangers associated with cars parking off the road in dry grass.  

Bob Dorsett, Jr.
Bee Cave City Council
Dorsett, Johnson & Swift.

Bee Cave City Council 6.12.12

Bee Cave City Council- 6.12.12

1)  Before Council, the Zoning Board of Adjustment met to consider a variance for the water quality pond by the Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis.  Steve Goetleb serves as General Contractor and spoke in favor of the variance.  The design corporation, Frie Planning and Development spoke as to how the proposal meets the 4 pre-requisites of a variance.

2)  The new Bee Cave Officers were introduced, each with very unique qualifications:  Carl Neal (holds most of the force fitness records); Alice Hodgkin (focus on victim services), and Mario Cmet (comes from Southlake, Tx with specialty in accident reconstruction).

3)  TXDot made a presentation regarding an update of road status and plans for our area.  Lucas Short, Project Manager, and Don Nyland, Area Engineer discussed the status.   Project designs are complete for areas between Falconhead West and Bee Cave, Falconhead West and Serene Hills, and Southwest Parkway and Oak Hill.   These areas are only complete through design and construction will not begin until October, 2012.  

The Southwest Parkway project is increasing drainage structures in area where Southwest Parkway and Highway 71 intersect.   This should be finished by March 1, 2013.    The Barton Creek job, adjacent to the City, has slowed due to a water line that needs extending.    Look to finish and turn on Spanish Oaks signal some time next month.    Once the work by the creek is complete, the speed limits will return to normal.    They will likely have a signal in short order, but the hill has to be decreased to avoid rear end impacts.   

Zelda Auslander asked about parameters regarding the use of landscaping of the City medians.   Don Nyland said he is willing to listen to the City on ideas. 

The issue of seal coating was discussed and Don mentioned that they are looking at new mixes.  

There are only 80 feet of right of way on Hamilton Pool road, so widening is going to be an issue in the future.  Once this goes to 4 or 5 lane sections, they will have to buy right-of-way and there isn’t anything on the books for now.  

4)  Final Plat and Site and NPS plan for the Presbyterian Church were approved.

5)  The council discussed quotes regarding a canopy to be placed at the front of the library.  The second lowest bid was approved.  

The start date for the repair of City Hall will begin the week of July 9, 2012 with an anticipated completion date of the end of October, 2012.  The job will begin with repairs on the interior south end of the building.   Then stucco and brick will be removed on the east side of the building beginning with scaffolding.  It will take 7 days to remove brick, stucco and windows.      Then the work will move to the west side for the same procedures.  

Bob Dorsett, Jr.
Bee Cave City Council

Bee Cave City Council 5.22.12

Bee Cave City Council Meeting 5.22.12

Mayor Pro Tem Jack McKool will continue to serve as nominated by Dorsett and seconded by Goodwin.

Item 8- Hill Country Indoor-

Josh McKay-  Made a powerpoint presentation with statistics

Roger Babone-  Spicewood, Texas-   a member of the health industry dealing with childhood obesity.    Also a family man who would like a place to send his kids for activities.

Victoria Kepsel- Former chair of greater Austin Sports Foundation.   They used to have Austin Sports Hall of Honor which once acknowledged those athletes who helped kids.  Some were well-known, others not so well-known.   No place for the Hall since 2002.  It will be located within the Hill Country Indoor facility.

Joey Van Lanagan-  from Cedar Park.  Would be the Fitness and Athletic Performance Director for HCI.

Jeff, Jana and Kayla Holtz-  family supporting HCI.   Moved here in 1998.  Loved the Hill Country View and small town.  A lot has changed, a lot has remained the same.  Traffic okay, big box stores come in.    Personal reason for wanting HCI is their daughter Kayla who plays soccer.  She is active in LTYA, but at the level she could be with HCI.

Mike Holoburt-  Owner of Nitro Swimming Center.  Now teach 1100 kids.     Positive for community.

Mark Smith-  lived in area of 17 years.  In full support of HCI, will create jobs and create other synergy.

Jan Moreland-  She and Daughters lived in area for 10 years.  She is in the real estate industry and this is a great opportunity for children in the area.

Carla Ent-  These management team has spent a year inserting themselves in the community with TexArts and others.

Tiffany Todd-  President of PTO of Lakepointe Elementary in full support.

Chris Bates-  From Dripping Springs.  In support of HCI with kids in high school and middle school.    Also aspiring cyclist who would like to take his performance to next level.

Chad Wilbanks-  President of LTYA.  In favor.

Destery Deter-  Lived in area for over 10 years.  Has seen the growth and impact in the community and we have lacked in athletic development; then Nitro; now this and this is a good opportunity.

Adam and Amy Donecq- Voice support.   In addition to other things, the aesthetics of the building.

Elissa Magrum-  former collegiate soccer player and currently coaches soccer for LTYA.   Executive Director of Collins Hope.   The Directors have already been out engaging in the community.

Dr. Tom Hogan-  Chiropractor next to HEB for last 10 years.  Will be a part of the rehabilitation center upstairs inside HCI.

Mike Murphy- was coach in little league in San Diego.   Early supporter of project; concerned about the backstop and closeness to the highway.  Concerned about NPS pollution request waivers.  How would run off be treated?   Parking sufficiency?

Eddy Pels- from Dripping Springs supports the project and the turf.  Runs a company that work with outdoor synthetic turf.   Compared to natural grass, the run water run off and lack of fertilizers is hands down better.  Additionally, the turf can handle high use.

Scott Leon- Owner of Positive Baseball development.   Has seen a lot of things with the growth, except the addition to new facilities.  Kids are going to Round Rock, Cedar Park, etc. to play on other teams.  This will offer opportunity to keep the kids here.

Margerie Haddux- child who could have sports here, indoors, but could never play outdoors.

Misty Watkins-  Came with her son.  She has four children- and they drive all over the State of Texas to participate in tournaments.  Can’t wait to have something here.   Augie Watkins (5th grade).  He is looking forward to doing things here.

Mike Helron-  Believes we have needed facility like this for some time now.    Needed as alternative for children who may not fit into LTYA.  They have to go to south Austin or Dripping Springs.

Scott McGuire-  from the Homestead in support of HCI.    He has three children.

Paul Kline-  from Falconhead West- 6 kids.  Travel to Cedar Park, Oak Hill, Dripping Springs.  Would like to spend his money here rather than there.  Good to pull others in from other communities.

Matthew Pain-  Executive Director of Austin Sports Convention.  He works on marketing Austin.  Something lost in this is the opportunity to market the area.   They recruit championships, tennis, tae kwon do….always use the buzz of Austin to bring sports here.   They don’t have enough venues.

Steve Vitirini- Here since 1999.   His son is going on 15.  He is in LaCrosse and they travel to Dripping Springs, Cedar Park, etc…… this is the fastest growing sport in Texas.  Glad to hear people talk about character development.

Dan Myrick- VP of Shops at the Galleria.   In favor of the project.  It has matched the aesthetics of the city center.   Happy to have more people through the community.   The more exposure the city gets, the better.

Rob Hutton-  from professional plane he has been in land development.   People move to communities move for rec centers and hike and bike trails.   A glue that attracts.     He is also excited about the basketball component.  A good bond for families.

Jan Jamberg-  Retired Lake Travis High School basketball coach.  Can discuss a lot of sports, but his passion is basketball.

Closed Citizen Comment Section-
The first issue was the setback and netting.
Tim Skaggs spoke
Josh addressed several issues
Tim and Brenda will be in charge of the property owners’ association until it is build out until such time as they are large enough to take over.    Additionally, they retain enough property to ensure adequate parking.

The Motion and PDD passed unanimously.

Item 13:   Patrick Flores (Falconhead West), Nathan Smith (Falconhead West) and Chairman Horn were all reappointed to the Planning & Zoning Commission and Amy Winebright (Falconhead) was appointed as a new Commissioner.

Item 9:  A site plan amendment was passed for Parkside located in the City.

Item 16:   The Council considered and approved a request for a Temporary Event Permit to contain merchandise remaining from the original event.  The tents will be operated during normal business hours.

Item 10:  Judge Garza was reappointed as the Municipal Court Judge.

Item 11:   Ordinance 114 was passed allowing revisions for tenants within a building with less than 5000 square feet without requiring engineered drawings.

Item 12:  Ordinance 115 passed not requiring as many plumbing fixtures.

Item 14:  Chad Bockius resigned his term from the Economic Development Board and Councilwoman Auslander was elected.

Item 15:   Wells Fargo bank contract was extended for bank depository.  

Bob Dorsett, Jr.
Bee Cave City Council

Bee Cave City Council- 5.8.12

Bee Cave City Council- 5.8.12

Final Council meetings:
Chad Bockius- after 6 years of service.
Mike Murphy- Since May, 2000.

Steve Albert- citizen comment.  ESD 6 Board announced opening of station 603.   Invitation to community for grand opening ceremony on Saturday May 19, 2012 from 1-3 pm.   The ceremony will take place in Bee Cave next to old school house.

Charles Ormiston- citizen comment.   Concerned about intersection at Great Divide and Highway 71 and safety of Homestead residents.   Frank Salvato pointed out that City does not have control over the lights on the state highway.    Also concerned that pedestrians are crossing between upper and lower Gallerias.

Adrian Overstreet- citizen comment.   On behalf of Galleria asking for help.    Concerned that amount of money spent by Galleria is not being protected by City.    Approved by Council on February 14, 2012.    Still has not been recorded.

Item 6-  Jenkins Custom Homes brought a concept plan to Council.  The plan is for office buildings located in the circle area behind Coachworks and Gold’s Gym and will be adjacent to Hill Country Blvd.    The Motion carried.

Item 7-  Consider action on contract with LNV Engineering for a drainage study in the Carr Development.    There are drainage and flooding issues with some of the residents of the Uplands based on water flowing into their backyard from the water easement.    The plan is to complete the study and then determine how to proceed with protecting the residents.

Item 8- Erosion under the bridge at City Park-  there is recent erosion that is exposing pvc pipe and Sledge Engineering came to Council seeking direction on how to remedy the erosion issue.     It was agreed to go out for bid for a rock lined channel.

Item 9 & 10- Water and Sewer Treatment Plant on the Parkway-
George Murphy – consulting engineer with West Travis County PUA.  Appeared with staff and counsel for the PUA.

The decisions to be made were whether to grant a variance as to impervious cover and whether to grant an exception as to the 75′ setback requirement.   The applicants made a detailed presentation regarding the need and plans.  In short, there are currently only 239 LUE’s available in our capacity and we average granting 20 applications a month.  At that rate, we will run out of capacity in very short order.  Many options were explored in terms of locations and site plans.    The key is that the LCRA did not disclose the imminent need for this plant and effluent pond until the closing of the sale by the PUA on 3/19/12.

Jim Harris- Attorney with Thompson & Knight on behalf of the Alexan apartments on the north side of the Galleria.   Mr. Harris argued that the apartments will be injured if the variances are granted because the city’s ordinances preclude the City from granting a variance when harm will ensue.      He argues that rent will have to be dropped and that vacancy could increase.    He could not explain the failure to learn about the plant during the due diligence process of the purchase.    He also argued that the land is owned by the L.C.R.A. and not the PUA, and therefore the PUA cannot apply for these variance requests.    He argues that the permit must be made by the owner of the land.   Additionally, he understands that the development plat was amended this a.m., but the amended development plat was not signed by the LCRA.    Finally, he argues that because it was amended, it must go back before Planning and Zoning.

Don Walden- spoke in favor of the project stating that the site has been planned for years and that the community did not inherit the plant, the plant inherited the community and the apartments.    He believes that the plant has not been maintained or operated properly, but properly operated it will not emit odor.   He further stated that the PUA and the City of Bee Cave are partners in this matter and should not be fighting with each other.    He is concerned that there will be great harm done to the community if the PUA has to enact a wastewater moratorium.

Jenny Braasch spoke as being originally against the project and after gathering further information has shifted to be in favor.  She does not believe the pond will emit odors and believes the earthen dam is not actually a structure being inside the setback and doesn’t require a variance.   She was very concerned with the plant, but is now satisfied that it is far enough away from the community and not visible from the road and is not a problem anymore.   She personally sought other options and could not find any in the area.

Carol Killebrew-  Resident of Bee Cave.  Not wild about the effluent in the City.  Appreciated the history of the site.   Believes Caveat Emptor applies to everyone including the City and the Galleria.    We have a problem already, and whether we approve it tonight or not, we will run out of PUE’s before the pond and plant are built.

Scott Morledge with Ash Creek Homes.   Says he has seen an interesting shift in sentiment.  The knee jerk reaction is that no one wants the plant.    However, there are other concerns with the retailers in the Galleria, and that’s how can we get more people here.  That happens with capacity.   The first thing Ash Creek went to when they came here was the City comprehensive plan and was very clear as to what the site across the street would be.    He knew it would be a pond and plant.

The motions carried with Councilman Murphy abstaining, Dorsett against and the remainder in favor.

Item 11-  The Council approved an HVAC contractor to repair the system at City Hall.

Item 12-  Chief Pancoast requested an additional $26,641.00 this fiscal year to increase officer salaries to increase officer retention.  We have lost 5 officers in the past months due to their ability to find higher paying jobs; 3 to Travis County, 1 to Lakeway and 1 to Pflugerville.

Item 14- (skipping 13)  The Council nominated Councilman Bill Goodwin to serve on the PUA Board of Directors with outgoing Councilman Mike Murphy.  Accordingly, the City will have 2 of the 5 positions on the Board with Mr. Goodwin serving as the Council liaison.

Item 13-  The Council approved an budget amendment.

Item 16- The Council approved the new contract with Judge Garza for judicial services.

Falconhead Re-Paving Update

As an update on the road re-paving in Falconhead, we have confirmed that the City awarded the street overlay bid on Tuesday.  Once contracts are executed the City and Contractor will have a pre-construction meeting and prepare a schedule for repairs.   The City thanks you for your patience.

Bob Dorsett, Jr.

Bee Cave City Council

Bee Cave City Council 4.10.12

Citizen Comment:    Ed Krach-  President of Homestead HOA spoke regarding the Council’s vote on Kwik Kar.  Not only was he not happy with the vote, he expressed concern regarding the e-mail issue and the feeling that e-mails are not given as much weight as appearing at Council in person.

On a sidenote:  I offered to discuss anyone’s e-mail regarding the Kwik Kar matter.  Please feel free to come see me at my office or call me for a meeting off site.    I have an “open door” policy at my law firm in the Galleria.

1)  Brad Walters with Bluestem Residential, LLC appeared to discuss the zoning changes regarding the Hill Country Galleria Townhomes.  The group made numerous changes after appearing before Planning & Zoning.  Both Dillards and the Galleria reviewed the proposed elevations and consented to the plans as presented.   There were numerous questions regarding the corner lots and the use of hardi-siding.  The developer agrees that the project will not include hardi-siding.  The Motion carried.

2)   The Galleria Townhomes presented a final plat re-approval as the original plat expired without recording.   The Council approved the final plat as originally approved.

3)  Site plan amendment for lot 25, Block A of the Galleria.  This is the pad site in between City Hall and the Hospital in the Galleria.   The pad site is being proposed for “mattress firm, a restaurant and an additional 1/4 unleased space.  The only aesthetic issue is that the back of the building will face the Galleria and parking is not as available as hoped.

4)  Spanish Oaks Office Park is located on the corner of Hwy 71 and Spanish Oaks Blvd.  The final plat for 6 acres was approved.

5)  Telecommunications-right-of-way-  the Council did not take action.

6)  The Council discussed that the West Travis County PUA took over on March 19, 2012.   Bee Cave has the opportunity to appoint a 5th Board member.  Action was not taken, but Fred Goff appeared in chambers offering his services as a candidate.   The position is one of financial significance and will require two meetings per month.   The Council agreed to take it up again in two weeks.

7)   The Council approved assignment of consents to the PUA.

Bob Dorsett, Jr.

Bee Cave City Council

Bee Cave Taxes- April, 2012

April sales tax payment:

Net payment:

2012       $511,451.42

2011       $386,005.79

Up          $125,445.63        32.4%

Current paid:

2012       $514,313.51

2011       $386,553.65

Up          $127,759.86        33.2%

Bee Cave Traffic Today- Officer Patron funeral procession

From: Russell R. Pancoast
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 2:19 PM
To: Frank L. Salvato; Travis D. Askey
Subject: FW: Funeral for APD Officer Jamie Patron

Just want to pass this along to you since there will be a substantial traffic impact during the procession tomorrow.  I believe the procession will be quite long up to 620 where many patrol cars will leave the procession to return to their respective jurisdictions.  Lt. Montez and I will be in the procession, Bee Cave units will cover 71 at Bee Cave Road and 71 at Cross Town Parkway.  Travis County will cover 71 at 620.  Lakeway will cover 71 at Hamilton Pool Road, 71 at Vail Divide, and 71 at Bee Creek Road.

The procession will probably reach Bee Cave a little before 2:00 PM.

Full details are listed below.

Russell R. Pancoast

Chief of Police

13333-A Hwy 71 West

Bee Cave, Texas 78738


From: Vicente T. Montez
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 2:10 PM
To: Stan Roper
Cc: Russell R. Pancoast
Subject: RE: Funeral for APD Officer Jamie Patron

Thank you. Lt

From: Stan Roper []
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 2:09 PM
To: Christopher Gray; Coy Turner; Deke Pierce; Derek Hill; Greg Epperson; Jeff Smith; Jose Escribano; Kyle Sass; Michael Canales; Michael Stroh; Phillip Hulsey; Robert Phillips; Rodney Blackmon; Roger Murray; Timothy williams; Toby Miller; Tom Carpenter; Travis Bertram; Willie Martinez; Tom Carpenter
Cc: Vicente T. Montez
Subject: Funeral for APD Officer Jamie Patron


Attended the meeting with APD regarding the funeral arrangements for Officer Patron. The service will be held Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 (11:00 a.m.) at the Shoreline Church located at 15201 Burnet Rd. APD has requested that TCSO Motor Units arrive no later than 10:00 a.m. at the church (there will be special area for all motors parking). I suggest arriving no later than 9:45 a.m.  Motors has been tasked with being a part of the procession once the funeral is completed. The funeral should conclude around 12:30 p.m. and there will be a briefing for all motors right after the funeral. At approximately 1:00 p.m. the procession should begin. The route being taken is turn right onto Burnet Rd, go down to frontage of 45.  Round Rock PD will have Hwy 45 closed for everyone. You will enter onto I.H. 35 Southbound and go all the way and exit Ben White Blvd. From there you will go all the way to the Y in Oak Hill and turn onto Hwy 71 W.  The procession is going all the way to San Angelo but the cut off point for all officers not going to San Angelo is 71 W / 620.

We have been asked to cover several areas down Hwy 71 W, which will be done by TCSO HEAT, Bee Caves and Lakeway PD.

The areas that will be covered are as follows;

Thomas Springs @ Hwy 71 –  Kyle Sass / Robert Phillips

Southwest Parkway @ Hwy 71 – Sgt. Stroh / Roger Murray

Hwy 71 W @ Bee Caves Rd – Bee Caves PD / Lakeway PD

Hwy 71 W @ Galleria Rd – Bee Caves PD / Lakeway PD

Hwy 71 W @ FM 620 – Lt. Escribano / Sgt. Canales

Hwy 71 W @ Hamilton Pool Rd – Bee Caves PD / Lakeway PD

We are having all HEAT, Bee Caves and Lakeway PD units stationed at their assignments by 1:30 p.m. It is not for sure the exact time that the procession will make its way to Hwy 71 W but we want to be there early.

All units including APD will be working off GP – 15. Each officer should be listening for the radio traffic as the procession starts towards your assignment. As for the motor officers, I have been instructed to tell all of you that you will be doing the “bump and run” method. Motors should not be needed to cover the roadway on Hwy 71 W as the other units should be able to cover it. Be prepared just in case there is not enough coverage.

For those officers covering Hwy 71 W, we want eastbound Hwy 71 W blocked Hwy 71 W/ FM 620 to Southwest Parkway / Hwy 71 W once the procession starts your way. Any questions feel free to contact me. All officers should be in class A uniform.

Sgt. Stan Roper

Motor’s Division
Travis County Sheriff’s Office
Office: 512-854-4330

Propane System/Falconhead West

Good Afternoon,

I am pleased to report that the installation of the propane system at Falconhead West is complete.  We have been conducting final leak tests and additional testing of the system throughout the last week and am also pleased to report there are no leaks and the system has passed all of our internal tests.  With that said, we have sent a letter to the Texas Railroad Commission requesting an inspection.  This should take place within one week or less from today.  Once this necessary step is complete and we address any issues, if any, we will then be able to introduce LP Gas into the system and it will be operational.  Once the system has successfully operated without issue for a short period of time, we will then begin a process of removing all above ground tanks and related equipment at Falconhead West.

Thank you,

Kain Kennedy, SCGM


Austin, Texas